D E T A I L S    O F    P H O T O    G R I D

Row 1 :: InterAction Shine Project
Row 1 :: Performing Arts Gateway
Row 2 :: Farnham Park Gates
Row 3 :: Performing Arts Gateway
Row 3 :: New Primatives
Row 4 :: The Peacock Tree
Row 4 :: Eency Weency Art
Row 5 :: Landmarks

Row 6 :: Hedge-Log
Row 6 :: A-Log-Ator

Row 1
InterAction Shine Project,
Temporary Exterior Sculpture 2008

Row 1
Performing Arts Gateway,
Chesham Park Community College

Row 2
Title: Farnham Park Gates
Installation Date: June 2006
Commissioned By: South Bucks District Council
Size: Approx. 3m high by 5 meters wide (Excluding side panels)

Description: Gates and side panels design for to enhance the entrance to Farnham Park Golf Course and to prevent vehicle access out of hours. Constructed of laser profiled mild steel and hand formed elements to the unique design created by Anoush Waddington.

Row 3
Title: Performing Arts Gateway
Installation Date: TBC
Commissioned By: Chesham Park Community College
Size: Approx. 4m wide x 2m tall

Description: Gates designed in association with the students of the college, they reflect the Performing Arts Status of the college. The central figure represents a triumphant performer on stage and the rising sun the dawn of enlightenment. The gates are being produced with assistance by the students of the college who actively participated in the forging of the pieces of mild steel. Constructed from painted mild steel.

Row 3
Title: New Primitives
Installation Date: October 1997
Commissioned By: Metalix AG Ltd
Size: Approx. 2.5m high by 0.5m wide (When worn)

Description: Wearable sculpture for fashion show. Constructed from heat treated and lacquered mild steel, leather, beads and other metals.

Row 4
Title: The Peacock Tree
Installation Date:
Commissioned By: British European Design Group
Size: Approx 2m tall by 1.5m wide by 1.5m deep

Description: In response to the brief to create an element of a “Future Garden”, the Peacock Tree represents our interpretation of a futuristic plant and was exhibited at the Excel Centre in London. Constructed from hand forged mild steel and stainless steel, fabric and polypropylene.

Row 4
Title: Eency Weency Art
Installation Date: August 2004
Commissioned By: Black Park Country Park
Size: Approx 3m x 3m

Description: This ephemeral sculpture was the first in the Black Park Country Park Sculptures. Formed as a giant spiders web, visitors were encouraged to make their own spider from found materials and a potato body. The result was a work that included over 150 individual creations.

Row 5
Title: Landmarks
Installation Date: TBC
Commissioned By: HBG Construction and Windsor & Maidenhead District Council
Size: 36 x A1 Panels

Description: Digital graphics project for the refurbishment of the underpass in Maidenhead. A1 screen printed panels, coated with a high tech. anti-graffiti coating from photographs of local landmarks. The images were digitally modified to reduce them to monotone and unwanted elements such as parked cars, street bollards and phone masts were removed.

Row 6
Title: Hedge-Log
Installation Date: August 2005
Commissioned By: Black Park Country Park
Size: Approx. 1m long by 0.6 m wide by 0.6 m deep

Description: Small sculptural piece made for the Art in Action Community Art Club as an inspiration for the students clay models. Featured at Art In The Park 2006 and now permanently displayed at Black Park Country Park. Made from pine, hand forged iron ears and eyes and mild steel nails.

Row 6

Title: A-Log-Ator
Installation Date: August 2006
Commissioned By: Black Park Country Park
Size: Approx 2m long by 0.5m wide and 0.5m deep

Description: The sculpture is sited in the park lake and was inspired by the rumour that a reptile had been released into the lake at some time in the past. Carved from pine in a single session of 5 hours during the 2006 Art In The Park day, the sculpture represents a direct expression of creativity with very little time for pre-preparation.