"Anoush Waddington'
s dramatic collection, In-Tension, proved that materials such as polypropylene can be combined with most precious stones and metals to create totally new shapes and colours. The impact of the extraordinary work was felt throughout the Fair, and has led to interest from galleries in Germany and the Netherlands."
Shelby Fitzpatrick, about Inhorgenta - Munich
Association for Contemporary Jewellery Newsletter,
April 2001.

“Ses créations me font penser à la magie de john Galliano dans un autre domaine... Un même sens de la démesure mais aussi de l'esthétique.... du rêve !! Merci.”
Posté par CricriPassion,
24 juillet 2009 à 00:53

J'aime beaucoup .de la créativitée , les matières utilisées sont surprenantes..... ésultat spectaculaire .........
BéatricePosté par Béatrice,
24 juillet 2009 à 12:31

"Her status in the elite is confirmed by her exhibition 'Stasis in Motion' at the Lesley Craze Gallery."
Felicity Denby,
March 2003

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Anoush Waddington International News

The First Bite At The Big Apple

This year has seen the first introduction of Anoush Waddington's work into the United States. The LOOT! exhibition held in April 2006 the Museum of Art and Design, 40 West 53rd Street, New York, featured a collection of new and signature pieces of Anoush's contemporary jewellery, which caught the attention of some of New York's most important jewellery and art collectors. Hailed as one of the most innovative and creative designers working today, key pieces sold to the select audience at the private view.

During the exhibition, Jennifer David one of New York's most influential gallery owners, approached Anoush with an offer to represent her in North East America and we are pleased to announce that we will be working with The David Collection , beginning with the SOFA Exhibition that takes place between 1st & 4th June at the Seventh Regiment Armoury, Park Avenue & 67th Street - Stand No. 112, The David Collection and subsequently work will be available at the gallery.

In support of the Museum of Art and Design, Anoush Waddington has donated a piece of jewellery to be sold as part of the charity auction at the Preview Gala on 31st May, details of the gala can be found at www.sofaexpo.com

Anoush Waddington will attend both the Gala and for the duration of the event, a rare opportunity to meet the designer and discuss her work.