The youngest of four children, surrounded by artistically minded family and friends, Anoush grew up in an environment where music and image were the backdrop of daily chores, many of which were left by the kids until a lot later, if at all possible, in favour of the joys of playing an instrument, singing or endless painting sessions. Although totally devoted to their family life, her parents had left her a rich legacy of acting and a love of theatre, from her mother's English side, and the musicality of her father's Italian inheritance as a Tenor and orchestra crooner. The fun and excitment of music festivals, rock gigs, film sets, art exhibitions, photography, the breathtaking magic of watching the Royal Ballet and classical music coloured her childhood and inspired her quiet curiosity and imagination. She soon discovered the thrills of the catwalk, of backstage hustle supporting friends and did not shy away from the spotlights onstage before attentive audiences, with whom she would invariably establish a quick, close and warm rapport.

It came as no surprise, therefore, that as a school-leaver her first steps towards a professional life and artistic career should be taken mainly in the music and fashion industries: those would be the fields where she most felt at home and where her creativity found resonance, acceptance and a very encouraging public feedback. Amongst so many influences and artists she admired, Anoush endeavoured to develop a more personal and graphic form of artistic expression and her already beautiful drawings would render her the first contracts to illustrate children's books and produce fashion designs, marked by unequivocal character and esthetic style.

Around 1990, whilst living in London she was allowed a closer look at the film industry, working as a model and drawing for Animation studios. Inexperience was surpassed by talent and resourcefulness to face new challenges. Those became days of intensive learning, undeniable fun despite the tight schedules, the ideal conditions to improve her accuracy and observational skills, with a deeper insight into aspects of line, colour and movement. The exercise of uncompromising precision and thematic development, applied to her undieing interest in new areas of design and fashion, led her to start her own design business – Metalix, in 1995, creating one-off wearable sculptural outfits and fashion accessories. In all their uniqueness, Metalix outfits and accessories were staged at a number of fashion events in the West End of London.

In 1997 Anoush joined Bucks New Uni (formerly known as Buckinghamshire Chilterns University) and took her honours degree in Design, Metalwork and Jewellery. During her course she had the opportunity to research and experiment with materials, processes and techniques which resulted in her winning awards and gaining recognition for design and craftsmanship innovation in the industry.

In 2000 Anoush graduated unveiling her thought-provoking and fascinating collection, In-Tension, which combined precious, unprecious and alternative materials, including polypropylene and diamonds, stainless steel and silver, crystals and gemstones.

During her graduation show she received the first invitations to exhibit at prestigious venues around the UK, across Europe, Japan and America. That prospect set the pace for a career to be marked by innumerous exhibitions, invitations to give lectures and run workshops or develop educational projects; her innovative design, exquisite use of luminosity and colour, expressed through flawless craftsmanship, gradually turned her outstanding jewellery into objects of interest to private collectors and garnered her further awards.

Capable of working in various scales, Anoush has been equally successful designing pieces ranging from engagement rings to park gates. As well as the jewellery collections, she has developed large scale projects: her designs have won herself and also the artists whom she worked with in collaboration, a number of commissions of Public Art works in the South East of England.

It has been written that Anoush's nationally and internationally acclaimed success is based on her 'sense of beauty and proportion, luminosity of colours and craftsmanship of materials with unique character.' Her body-of-work has been praised by its 'luminous plasticity'. She has tried to summarise her work in this way:

"My work sums up a personal journey and comprises of traditional values applied to contemporary materials; I value a freedom to combine materials where form, line, colour and movement should merge with fluidity."


“Ses créations me font penser à la magie de john Galliano dans un autre domaine... Un même sens de la démesure mais aussi de l'esthétique.... du rêve !! Merci.”
Posté par CricriPassion, 24 juillet 2009 à 00:53

J'aime beaucoup .de la créativitée , les matières utilisées sont surprenantes..... le résultat spectaculaire .........
BéatricePosté par Béatrice, 24 juillet 2009 à 12:31

"Her status in the elite is confirmed by her exhibition 'Stasis in Motion' at the Lesley Craze Gallery."
Felicity Denby, March 2003

"Anoush Waddington's dramatic collection, In-Tension, proved that materials such as polypropylene can be combined with most precious stones and metals to create totally new shapes and colours. The impact of the extraordinary work was felt throughout the Fair, and has led to interest from galleries in Germany and the Netherlands."
Shelby Fitzpatrick, about Inhorgenta - Munich
Association for Contemporary Jewellery Newsletter, April 2001.